Core Values

Keeping lines of communications open allows us to address your tax, business and financial issues. We keep you informed about tax changes and court rulings that may impact you or your business. We will not charge clients to answer simple questions via phone or email and we will not "nickel and dime you."  Open and honest interaction, without feeling that "you are on the clock," can help relieve your stress over specific issues and prepare your for the best possible outcome. We also invite you to keep us informed regarding changes in your personal or business situations and transactions, so we can help get you answers, provide strategies, and prevent unpleasant surprises.


Staying on top of changes in tax law and the business environment allows us to help you make informed decisions regarding your financial situation.We aggressively seek out the latest techonology that will be of the most benefit to our clients.
Applying our research and professional development, in conjunction with our knowledge of  tax, accounting, business measurements and technology, helps us prepare you for your best financial outcome.



With over 30 years of Tax and real world business experience,  I have provided valuable services to a myriad of small businesses, real estate investors, and individuals seeking advice for specific financial and tax related decisions.
Listening to you, asking pointed questions, documenting responses and maintaining relevant documents, allows us to focus on your financial and business goals, present strategies for business growth, minimize taxes, and maximize wealth. It is important not to let the "Tax Tail Wag the Dog!"  We always consider your after-tax cash flow and its impact on your overall financial goals.